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Yes that was a terrible title! recently I've been looking into a few websites/apps that allow you to make a little money on the side but to be honest I wasn't really sure about them did they work? or were they just a scam?

the first app I downloaded was an app called sweatcoin which is an app that supposedly pays you for walking you can also get vouchers and trials for various different shops!
I was actually very surprised with this app as it seems to be legit so far I have earned £0 but I do have a few sweatcoins which I am saving! so it really does work however it does take a little while to start gaining I do highly recommend it as I noticed I am walking that little bit more! you can sign up for sweatcoin here  *

swagbucks is another website that rewards you with vouchers for various big brands
I spent a good 10 minutes on swagbucks and decided I wasn't a fan, the rewards were good but they seemed so hard to earn to get a £5 amazon gift voucher you'd have to spend about two weeks on it!! however if you'd like to give it a look and sign up you can do so here

 Oh my Dosh
this site intrigued me! and its definitely the most promising out of the lot, Oh my Dosh is a website that pays you to take surveys that you get paid for you can also sign up for trials for example you can get £5 for signing up to a now TV trial, you can also sign up to audible and amazon Prime and get paid to do so! make sure you check it out you can sign up using this* link for an extra £2!

So overall I do believe these money making/websites do work but they take a lot of time of which you don't earn very much!
So I don't really think you'll be buying any Gucci  products with your earnings!

*the links marked with a '*' are affiliate links which means I earn some sort of commission through you using this link (if you sign up using my sweatcoin link I'll receive 5 sweatcoins)  this post is not sponsored by any of the above websites/apps all opinions are my own by signing up to the apps/websites you do so at your own risk*

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