what I've added to my august makeup bag!

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I've gone on a few shopping sprees recently and I've picked up a nice few bits so ovbscailly because its a beauty haul I'm going to show you what I've bought! *please note I've picked these up a few weeks ago but I was to lazy to take the photos for the post but at least I can give you my honest opinion on them!*
the first things I picked up were these two products from Primarks (pennys here) new (ish) collection bronze I picked up the loose highlight which retails for 3 euro but when I was in primark they had it for 1 euro! so really it was a bargin! Its extremely similar to the inglot JLOXINGLOT pure pigment eyeshadow- dupe alert?!
I think loose highlighters are super messy but I like to use this as a eyeshadow for cutcreases which I find makes such a pretty look however I kind of regret picking this shade up as its very dark. (its called island life which I think is inspired by love island?! what do you think?

the metal lipgloss was also on sale for 1 euro (If you wondering why I'm not using the euro symbol its because I cant find it on this laptop and copy and pasting messes this up)
I thought it might possibly be a dupe for inglots lipglossy lipgloss however after a few trials I'm sad to say its not. I do find this such a nice lipgloss and love to use it as a liptopper which works out really well.

I purchased quite a lot of face products such as the collection long lasting perfection concealer with so many beauty bloggers talking about it and it being zoellas must have beauty product I had to try it! and they recently added a new pale shade 0 fair
as you can see by the concealers tube I am loving it! drugstore concealers have seriously improved in the last few months along wiht my new real techniques MCS I have high praise for this duo!

A while ago I went to a masterclass at inglot (I highly recommend it!) and I picked up the new JLOXINGLOT HD presed poweder which is ideal for people with dry skin I haven't actually opened it yet as I really want to get an empty palette to put the pan in as I'm afraid it will break.

the last thing face related I bought was the blank canvas cosmetics concealer brush (F17) I love this brush so so much! BCC are such a lovely Irish brand and have always been in mine and my friends makeup bags (heads up if its your birthday and I get you a present I'' more than likely include a BCC brush)

Moving on to some other lip products I saw the two faced melted long lasting liquid lipstick in TK MAXX for 2 euro which really buying it was a no brainer! its quite a bright colour but I really like it.
I received this take baker lip and cheek tint as a present and its now my go to cheek product. I'm really enjoying using it! 
when I went to my second inglot masterclass I bought the new inglot brow pomade in the shade taupe and this 100% is one of my latest go-to products its so creamy compare to other ones I've tried and its very photogenic!!

and last...
in skin care I bought the garnier skin active botanical gel wash, I haven't properly used this so I'm not sure of my thoughts on it at the moment
phew...that was a long post 75 points to you for reading! if you have read this far comment 'oh yeah I love ducks too!' lets confuse everyone!
thanks for reading! xxx

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  1. Loved this! Your blogging is seriously getting better every post you make. I'm so thrilled to have been here since the beginning watching you grow ♥️ keep them coming girl xxx

    Hannah | hannahslifediaries.com

    1. thank you so so much hannah! It makes me so happy to hear this! you were my first ever blog follower and I'll always be so thankful xx

  2. This post was amazing! For the inglot powder I would reccomend the Revolution pro magnetic palettes, if you can get one, they’re actually quite good quality 💖

    1. Ive heard loads about these! Im 100% going to check them out xx

  3. You picked up some great bits! Loved this post - can't wait to see more :)

  4. These bronze colours are fantastic, also love how you’ve mentioned lots of different high street brands!

    1. yeah 99% of my makeup bag is drugstore products they have upped there game recently and I'm loving it xx

  5. The Primark bronze range looks really good - would love to try the highlighter! And only 1 euro?! You found a real bargain!

    Jas xx

    1. its suppose to be! yeah you should if only I had got it a shade lighter!! though it was such a good deal!!! xx

  6. I love this post! I love his creative your photos are x

    1. thanks Bailey! It means so much! I'm always working on my photography! xx

  7. I hope these products work well for you!

  8. Ahh so many cool products to try out! I love that collection concealer, lost count of how many of them I've bought now... and every now and then I try to move away and try something different, but you can't beat it! Love a bit of primark makeup as well, you can really find some real gems if you search hard enough! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. You've picked up loads of fab products! I've hardly bought anything new beauty wise last month!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  10. I love this post so much! Penney's is amazing for bargains, and their products can be so good! I haven't tried Collection yet as none of my local chemists or Boots have it �� oh well... Xxx