the 10 stages of tidying your bedroom!!

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we all have to do it! just some more than others (I go through these stages at least 3 times a day) honestly someone send me a house elf! also happy birthday harry potter! but today I'm going to run you through the 10 stages of tidying your bedroom!

1. when your parent/guardian tells you to tidy your room 1 million and 33 times

2. when your parent/guardian says I've told you a billion times (exaggeration much?) to clean your room If its not tidy when I get home from work there will be consequences (which means they'll take your phone and if they take your phone you'll lose your streaks and if you lose your streaks its the end of the world and humanity is doomed which really it wouldn't have made a difference if your room was tided or not so you have to carefully consider your two options

3. when you have finally carefully consider your two options you choose that its time to tackle the mess! you say a silent prayer to the clothes gods that you wont suffocate in the pile of clothes you might just sort!

4. you put on your army top and bandanna and sing I'm a survivor out of tune

5. pick up three items of clothing and then sit on your bed and think what would happen if all the grass in the world turned purple?! or is the harry potter was dreaming through the whole book conspiracy theory  (if it is I'm heartbroken)

6. you see the time and think this is it I'm going to clean my room  but then you decide to make dress out of your bedsheet and spend 10 minutes looking for a belt for it

7. decide since youve been working so hard its time for a tea break

8. have a 2 hour tea break with no tea

9. realise your parent/guardian is home in 10 minutes and you run up to your room and start throwing clean clothes into your washing basket and stuffs dirty clothes back into your drawers and the whole contents of the floor gets stuffed under your bed

10. your parent?guardian arrives home checks your room looks at you suspiciously and says its not 100% but it'll do
you smile and get your phone to send out your streaks

then repeat the same steps again tomorrow

I really hope you liked todays post its something very different to my normal posts and I feel like you don't really get much out of them does that make sense? and I couldn't take any nice photos. let me know if you enjoyed it! or if you relate
a chocolate flamingo to whoever has read this far and 40 points because I'm being super nice!
I'm doing a back to school series so let me know what you'd like to see me write about!

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  1. Haha loved this! So relatable, especially number 6. Usually what happens to me is that someone will text me and I'll open it and lie down in my bed to read it and then somehow I'll open Instagram and BAM! No work gets done at all xxx

    1. Number 6 happens to me the whole time!! I swear procrastination is badddddd!X

  2. Haha I loved this. :) This was me cleaning when I was younger.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Hahah thank you! The sadest thing is this is me now!! Xx

  3. Love this! I always ending up having tea breaks minus the tea hahaha

  4. Stage 8 is all I do, on repeat ����!

    1. haha girly your not alone! xx