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your probably as confused as I was was when I heard the term 'scent stiks' (oh yes no 'c')  but scent stiks are these clever products created by these two dads who had an amazing idea of taking the ink out of markers and replacing it with fun scents!! they are made in the UK and are 100% safe!!
they were designed for teens and tweens (and I mean if your really a big child why not? ) who were going through loads of changes such as friends,ideas and just generally stressful times these two dads thought it would be such a good idea to develop 6 mood changing exciting scents which are:







They retail for £4.95 and would definitely be worth spending your pocket money on!

I received the two scents 'yay' and 'whoosh'  
Yay is a mix of the scents sweet orange, apricot & exotic hibiscus
Whoosh is a mix of the scents raspberry, strawberry and casis and is definitely my favourite!!
My first impression of the stiks is that the packaging was super fun looking!!  (great grammar I know) however upon my first try I did find the scents very overwhelming however this problem disappeared after a couple of uses

your probably wondering 'how do I use these?'
well you can use them anyway!! make them your own. I really love drawing hearts on my arm with whoosh and layering yay on top of it! (that sounds really weird am I right?)  whoosh  really has to be my go-to scent for the summer!

I had so much fun taking all these photos for this blogpost! I'm currently trying to improve my photography skills and I'm kind of happy at how much I have improved!!
what do you think? have you seen an improvement in my photos?
(just a lil disclaimer here this was before I filed my nails down and I know a lot of teens and tweens read my blog so please don't get the your setting a bad example to your younger viewers police out! or your parents/guardians thank youuuuuu)

(this one Is slightly blurry as my camera died straight after this was taken haha)

thank you so much for reading and If you've read this far you get 14.3 points (how much points do you have so far?) and I'm going to let you in on a little secret....
scent republik are having a buy one get one free sale so you can buy one for you and your bestie (or two for yourself cause..why not?) all you have to do is use the code BFF at the checkout (only valid until july 25th) thank me later!

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*these products were gifted to me by scent republik*
 however all opinions are my own

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  1. I came across scent sticks a few years ago but then they never seemed to re-appear! Love the idea of these!!

    Ellie //

    1. Yeah I'd never heard of them until now! ♡

  2. Never heard of these. They sound yummy though!