10 summer songs to listen to during the heatwave!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my new sparkling blog! haha not really I still am having lots of problems with it so If you could bare with me for a while so I can figure things out - for some reason the writing in my tabs wont show up so if you know why please let me know!!
however welcome to http://www.blogmiablog.com !!
I am so excited to finally show you my new theme! do you like it? anyway enough rambling into the blog post...

Its heatwave time! really I never thought I would say that! since in Ireland its usually rain shower time.The fake tan is on and the sunglasses are out (*queue me wearing my sunglasses watching telly because I'm too hot outside*) but since the rest of you lovely people are probably outside here is a few songs to throw on while your waiting on the BBQ!

1.  2 johnnies - Summer tune
this is the song I'm currently listening to. everyone I know loves the '2 johnnies' there is not a day goes by that there are not mentioned one way or another my friends and family are obsessed with them and its safe to say that this song will be heading to number 1. soon (george ezra your time is over)
Its  such a relateable song for Irish people. You should definitely listen to this song at least once this summer!

2.  George Ezra - shotgun the wild remix
shotgun has been in the charts for a while now and really george has decided to milk it for all its worth from refilming the video to coming out with a remix, I have to say this is my favourite!

3.Solo - Clean Bandit ft Demi lovato
this seems to be THE festival song at the moment, every snapchat story of someone whos at a festival has a video of solo. Clean bandit are doing very well!

4. Kodaline - Ready to change
this is my favourite song ever! I listen to it when I'm happy, when I'm sad when I'm hungry when I'm thirsty honestly its the best song ever!

5.Anne Marie - 2002
Annemarie is my favourite singer at the moment. Its currently up high in the charts and has over 38 million views.

6. Ariana Grande - no tears left to cry
  this song is on every one of my playlists, and its just so catchy!!

7. Camila Cabello - never be the same
this song is a bit old now but as the saying goes 'an oldie but goldie' currently loving Camila's style at the moment too!

8. Banx and Ranx & Ella Eyre - answerphone ft Yxng Bane 
this is just such a summery (thats a word yes) song its so energetic so I had to include it in my list!

9. Avicii - nights
I fell in love with this song a little while ago it just really speaks what avicii was all about

10. George Ezra - paradise 
George you are not doing to bad for yourself to be honest! 2 songs in one list
. I wasnt a fan of this song when this song was brought out but its grown on me and I quite like it now!

thats all for today! I hope your enjoying the weather and eating loads of icecream!!
have you been to the beach let me know down in the comments
Have a nice day!!

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  1. love this! And your new style!! All these songs are amazing. At first I thought the watermelon cup was a real watermelon haha. Lotta love x

  2. I haven’t heard afew Of these songs so I’ll defiantly be checking them out! Love this post idea x

  3. I’m so glad you included George Ezra in this!! He’s my summer fave, well all year long fave!

    What a good idea for a blog post, already added these to my playlist!