the guide lesson 101: things to do when you think the summer has arrived!

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Hello everyone!
something has happened the last few days! the sun has began to shine! *GASP* *FALLS OF THE CHAIR* yes its true the sun has began to shine!
so as most of you know I live in Ireland and the Irish are a bit funny about weather... if its sunny its too hot and we are having a drought, if theres a bit of rain theres a flood, when the sun came out it was official the whole nation believed summer was here! (at the time of writing its rainy and overcast)
so I have compiled a guide for you: things you should do when you think summer has arrived
without further ado:

step 1) you see the sun shining you give it a good 10 seconds so you can confirm its summer

step 2) you run upstairs grab your winter coat and through it out the window to offer it up to the summer gods so it will stay sunny! 

step 3) run down to the local shop and buy some fake tan, so you can brag to the neighbours about how you get a tan so easy! and that even though you have pasty AF legs, 
you magically go a horrid shade of orange when the sun comes out 

step 4) when your neighbour raises your eyebrow at you give them a 'hahahah' and insist that your 'oh so natural tan' has appeared and it was so inconvenient as you were going to the national pale legs day tomorrow 

step 4) put on some good short shorts and go around humming the song!

step 5) plaster the kids in factor 50 

step 6) rummage through last years holiday suitcase you haven't unpacked for those sunglasses you paid $200 for and never wore

step 7) run down to the shop for milk because yours has gone sour because of the sun! (and its not at all out of date!)

step 8) think about blowing up the paddling pool after all its 12 degrees!

step 9) complain its getting too hot

step 10) cry noooooooooooo!!!!!!! cooooooooooooome back!!! when the sun goes in

step 11) look for that coat feck the summer gods!

thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed I dont really post comedy posts! but if you would like more comment down below!
disclaimer* I did not mean to offend anyone if I did please let me know so I can fix it!

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  1. Enjoyed reading this funny post - just wish that the sun was here to stay!

  2. Nice post,great,I love spring 😎

  3. Loved reading this! It’s funny cos it’s so true! Rummaging around in the suitcase to find sunglasses is so relatable πŸ˜‚. Let’s hope for more sunny days 😍☀️ xx

    Bexa |