15 facts about me!

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hey guys!
today I'm going to tell you 15 facts about myself, I usually get a lot of people ask me questions as I don't talk about myself that much but hopefully all your questions are anwsered here if there is anything else you would like to know about me ask me down in the comments! I love reading them! without further a do lets hop right in!

1. for about a month I told no one that I blogged but after a while I told my family and a few of my closest friends!

2. I am a country girl! I live in the countryside

3. I love food!!! I am hungry 99.9% of the time

4. I want to publish a book for younger children

5. I love watermelon (food again!!)

6.  I don't have any piercings but I want loads

7. I cant spell! I find spelling mistakes in my blogs the whole time!!

8. I love playing with slime

9.  I love reading which leads me on to number 10..

10. I love harry potter!!! with a passion

11. I love makeup (have you noticed?)

12.  I have my blog logo printed out and framed in my room

13. My favourite youtubers are Louise pentland, zoella, brummymummyof2, abi santa and demi donelly

14. people say I have blonde hair, I think its brown

and 15. I love people who follow  all my social media's

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have a nice day!

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  1. Awww thanks for sharing, such a cute post x