how to remove waterproof mascara without any makeup remover

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How to remove waterproof mascara without any makeup remover

                     hello everyone! 
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I am going to do a sum up of every month
that may not sound much but to me it is! i have only been blogging for a little while,
I avoid waterproof maraca. I avoid it like the flu, its so hard to take off I use Garnier micellar cleansing water 

and that still doesn't take off waterproof mascara!!

so to take off waterproof mascara I use johnsons baby oil
this works really well and it doesn't hurt if it gets into your eye, which is really good knowing how clumsy I am!
just put a small bit of cotton wool and wipe from corner to outer eye

I also use coconut oil, it works very similar to the baby oil but only use a small about as if it gets in your eye your eye will go blurry
but I have used this on countless occasions and it worked great! Can be found in all supermarkets,
Coconut oil is also excellent to use as lip balm and to cook with! 

so thats 2 ways to remove waterproof mascara let me know if you try theses out

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  1. I'm not a big fan of blogs but I saw yours on instagram and thought it couldn't hurt to check it out, I'm glad I did! This post especially will help me because I really struggle to remove waterproof mascara so have now reverted to non-waterproof and end up sweating or crying it off half the time : (