February 2018

by - 11:23

hello everyone,
is it me or did February go so fast? January took about 2 years to end!
but here we are in march, I believe in setting monthly goals.
my March goals are to

  • have 5 blog followers
  • get 150 twitter followers
  • to set up a blog snapchat
  • to upload a video

my march quote:

who ever is trying to bring you down is already below you

remember that!

what did you learn in February?

in my blog life I learned that
success takes a while to come
that followers are your friends
that blogging is an amazing way to express yourself

in my personal life I learnt that
lotus biscuit spread is so yummy! (poundland)
that friends are there for a reason
snow is hard to walk in!

thanks everyone,
mia x

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  1. January was so slow and Feb has flown past haha! Oh my god I recently got two of the Lotus spreads the other day... best things in the world!! I’ve only had it on toast so far and dunked some Bourbon biscuits into it haha, have you tried it with anything else? I’d love to know!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I also tried it on a piece of maderia cake (I am so weird i know!) that too was nice!

  2. hi becky! I am thinking off making a February blog, so I Will put more of my favourites there. the lotus spread was so nice I ate it off a spoon! I have tried it on rice cakes and its so yummy!

  3. Good luck with your march goals, I am sure you will achieve them all! Also yes, snow is very hard to walk in haha! :)

    Heather Xx