ted baker eye shadow palette review

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             Ted baker eyeshadow palette review

so i received a ted baker eyeshadow palette for Christmas and i am loving it,
its so pretty, look at the outside of the palette its beautiful seeing as rose gold is so in this year.
there is 8 eyeshadows and most of them (apart from one light pink is sparkly/metallic.
it comes with a high quality rose gold brush, which is great. my favourite colour is the copper i have to say its so pretty,

but i do have a few faults with it when i did the swathces above the colurs were not pigmented at all i have foundation and Vaseline on my arm and i applied setting spray to the brush. the colour is therefore not very pigmented on the eyes (i will do a blogpost on how to make non pigmented  eyeshadows pigmented if requested let me know in the comments)
it is a quite big palette so its not handbag friendly.
it has such a nice wll thought out layout

so overall i would give the tedbaker eyeshadow palette 3 out of 5 stars.


what do you think? let me know in the comments if you read the far comment ted backwards. who ever does it will get a shoutout in my next post

all opinions are my own

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